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The Council's Response to the Mayor's FY 2012 Preliminary Budget and Preliminary Management Report - April 8, 2011

The Council of the City of New York has issued their response to the Mayor's FY2012 preliminary budget and management report. The City Council has opposed the Mayor's proposal to eliminate or reduce defined benefits payments from the Variable Supplement Fund. On the first numbered page of the Response, the City Council writes: "The Legislature [Albany] did not approve the Mayor's proposed reforms to the Variable Supplement Funds. The Council believes that eliminating or reducing VSF benefits will not and should not occur."

The CEA wishes to thank City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Chair of the Finance Committee Dominic M. Recchia, Jr., Chair of the Civil Service and Labor Committee James Sanders, Jr, and the other members of the City Council for taking this important position on an important collectively bargained benefit.

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Variable Supplement Fund - Letter from Councilman Sanders to his colleagues on our behalf

March 16, 2011, Dear Colleagues: As Chair of the Civil Service and Labor Committee it is my responsibility to ensure the policies, laws and conditions are equitable and beneficial to our tax payers, our civil servants and the members of the City's organized labor community. It is equally incumbent that I must oppose polices and laws that upset that balance and are decidedly unfair.

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Fiction vs. Facts

Mayor Bloomberg's Attacks Misrepresent the Truth About the Police & Fire Variable Supplement Fund Retirement Benefit. Read more*

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Facts about the creation of the VSF Defined Benefit according to the requests of former Mayor Lindsay, Koch and Dinkins

VSF-Lindsay 1970
VSF-Fire Department-Lindsay 1970
VSF-Koch 1988
VSF-Dinkins 1993

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